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If you have a warning light on your dash and would like either the error code read or just the light putting out, we can provide a fast and cost effective service which will provide you with a general diagnosis and a report of what can be done.

Modern day vehicles are equipped with a vast array of ECUs which require dedicated computerised tools to interrogate the system when faults occur. We carry the latest up-to-date diagnostic machines enabling us to carry out engine management, ABS, Airbag and body control module - all of which must be in full working condition in order for your vehicle to pass the MOT test.

How Does Diagnostic Testing Work?

When your grandpa took his car into the shop, he likely took it to a dealer that specialized in a certain brand or vehicle type. Back in the day, mechanics had to figure out what was wrong with the vehicle based on an inspection, the sounds the car was making, or what color liquid was dripping from the bottom. It took a skilled mechanic to correctly identify a complex problem.

Today, mechanics have it easier because a computer can help diagnose the problem, but they have to be more skilled at servicing a wider array of problems on a bigger selection of cars.

To figure out what’s wrong with your car, a mechanic will look at your vehicle’s Electric Control Unit (ECU). The ECU is present in all modern cars, and it makes it much easier to determine what’s wrong. When your ECU detects a problem, it turns on a light on your dashboard. Oftentimes this is the Check Engine light, but it can also turn on other lights, like your ABS or Oil lights. When you bring your car into the shop, a mechanic can download the error report that caused the light to turn on in the first place. The mechanic then compares the report to the manufacturer’s error log to determine the issue.

Diagnostic Codes

There are thousands of different diagnostic codes, but they all generally fall under one of four categories. The first letter in the error code determines which of the four categories your issue falls under:

    P - There is an issue with your car's Powertrain.

    B - There is an issue with your car's Body.

    C - There is an issue with your car's Chassis.

    U - A "U" code means that the error is Undefined.