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The exhaust system is constantly in use whilst the engine is running and therefore needs to be maintained. An exhaust system on most vehicles usually has four sections: Manifold, Front Downpipe, Centre Section, Rear silencer box.


The best places to start the tuning process and improve the engine gas flow is to change the car's old exhaust manifold and replace it with a tuned manifold.

Catalytic Converters

A standard catalytic converter has many passages per square inch (PPSI) which can restrict the flow of exhaust gases. Maintaining this part vastly improve gas flow into the system.

Rear Silencers

The Rear silencer box is the part that commonly becomes defective over a period of time as moisture gathers inside the box and attacks the metal. The corrosion will, in turn, cause holes to be formed, which if left untreated, will cause the exhaust to blow.

Systems Middle Section

This part of the system helps to improve gas flow, fine tune the sound your exhaust system makes and increases your car's performance.

A faulty exhaust causes excessive noise, thereby running the risk of incurring a Fixed Penalty fine. A faulty exhaust can result in fumes entering the car, which causes headaches, sickness and drowsiness. A defective exhaust leads to failure in the MOT test.

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Batteries are probably the biggest single cause for non starting, especially in cold weather. If the battery is not fully charged then it does not power up the ignition system and start turning over the engine.

The common faults are:

If you have a problem with your battery we will immediately identify the fault and repair or replace your battery.